Scientific Literacy

Scientific literacy is crucial for understanding the issues that affect the future for all people, locally, nationally, and globally. Drake students will gain a basic understanding of content, methods, and contributions of science through courses rooted in the content of the life/behavioral and physical sciences. Through significant exposure to experiment and theory, students will be able to meaningfully interpret and evaluate scientific information for personal and professional applications as engaged citizens. All courses that fulfill this AOI will engage students to achieve basic scientific literacy; individual courses will pursue the additional outcomes as appropriate to their disciplinary or interdisciplinary focus. Drake students will complete two courses in this are of inquiry, including one in the life/behavioral sciences and one in the physical sciences. At least one course taken for this AOI will include a laboratory or field experience. Students will be able to (not all outcomes will be relevant to all courses):

  1. Apply the methods of science for the generation, collection, assessment, and interpretation of scientific date and/or phenomena.
  2. Use scientific methods and ways of thinking to solve problems.
  3. Describe scientific theories on cognitive and behavioral, intellectual, or physical development.
  4. Articulate the interrelationship of the development of human societies with the natural world around them.
  5. Articulate the relevance of science to the global community in order to serve as active stewards for the natural environment.

* Special rules for courses with SMCE prefix: SMCE courses integrate physical science, life science and math. The first SMCE course may be counted toward physical science or life science, but not both. A student taking two SMCE courses will be considered to have fulfilled the physical science, life science AND quantitative requirements. SMCE courses may be taken in any order.

To fulfill this requirement keep in mind that at least half of your course must address the AOI requested. Normally courses meet only one AOI. Exceptions must be clearly supported.

Please list all cross-listed numbers.
List any prerequisites for this course.
If the course already meets one AOI, please mention which one.

If the course is approved to meet this AOI you should place that information on the syllabus for the course and include the Scientific Literacy Learning Outcomes that are part of the class in the syllabus as well.

The UCC also encourages you or a representative from your program or department to attend our meeting for added clarification and quick turnaround.

Please inform the committee if there is a substantial change in an approved course, including a course number or major title change. This may require re-submission.