Quantitative Literacy

Drake students will learn to reason with the symbols and components of mathematical languages as well as effectively use the principles that underlie these operations. Courses that satisfy this requirement will have mathematical reasoning as their principal focus. They may also address questions that engage learners with the world around them and help them to analyze quantitative claims that arise from the study of civic, political, scientific, or social issues. Quantitative literacy courses may be focused on the mathematical needs of a specific discipline or on a specific interdisciplinary issue or problem. These courses will engage students to achieve these student learning outcomes. Students will be able to:

  1. Analyze and present solutions to problems using symbols and components from mathematical languages and their underlying principles.
  2. Identify and execute appropriate mathematical operations for a given question.
  3. Evaluate claims based upon mathematical arguments.

To fulfill this requirement keep in mind that at least half of your course must address the AOI requested. Normally courses meet only one AOI. Exceptions must be clearly supported.

Please list all cross-listed numbers.
List any prerequisites for this course.
If the course already meets one AOI, please mention which one.

If the course is approved to meet this AOI you should place that information on the syllabus for the course and include the Quantitative Literacy Learning Outcomes in the syllabus as well.

The UCC also encourages you or a representative from your program or department to attend our meeting for added clarification and quick turnaround.

Please inform the committee if there is a substantial change in an approved course, including a course number or major title change. This may require re-submission.